Any help or ideas as to how to create this kind of music?

Hi I would love to insight or help from people who can produce this kind of music. I am just curious as to what synths are used, vst, processes etc that would help me on my way.

Any help would be great, look forward to some responses :wink:

[url]Office Gossip - Time Against Me - YouTube

[url]Sasse On My Mind Mano Le Tough Remix HD - YouTube

[url]Kink - Detunator - YouTube

[url]- YouTube

[url]Tiago Fragateiro & Tracey K "Lovefool" - YouTube

[url]- YouTube

Youve got a bit of everything there… House, Techno, Progressive.

a lot of our tutorials use sylenth which could make the majority of sounds in those tracks.

The Deep House and Progressive tutorials should cover creating most of those sounds in Sylenth… then you could check out the techno and new tech house for some of the drums and percussion.

Cool I will look over those tutorials again. I thought they are all pretty similar sounding even though they are of different genre.

I finid it impossible to design those kinds of sounds on the Sylenth :frowning:

Practice, Practice, Practice I guess :slight_smile:

you could have a look at the PSy trance one too… has some of the floaty arpegio sounds

Cool havent checked that one out yet.