Any ideas as to when the new tutorial will be up?

I was sooooo looking for this hard dance tutorial and it said yday that it wud be up today it’s now half 7 and still nothing anyone hav any ideas as to what’s going on? We need our hard dance!!!

Quarter to 9 and still nothing not really a good sign lol.

Going to give them till midnight before my letter of complaint happens.

Keep the faith…lol

To be fair if they said yday it will be up today it should be up and I don’t think it’s coming now cos midnight isn’t exactly prime time for new releases. They shoulda just said coming ‘sometime’ this weekend. I’m pretty dissapointed I mean if you got all the vids recorded which I’m guessing they have as tbh why else would they say coming this weekend. It can’t be that hard to upload a series of vids can it? I’m guessing there not using 56k dial up modems at SA lol.

Up now dude!


its nt working for me how is it for u guys? It just stays on the loading screen…

[quote]JazyJ (11/09/2010)[hr]its nt working for me how is it for u guys? It just stays on the loading screen…[/quote]

No worries it usually takes a while to load up

Not working for me at all!:angry:

Me either.

They do work… the streaming on them has the wrong setting so it has to load the whole thing as far as i can tell… Im working on it now!

Seems to be working now.

Going to give it a run threw tonight and will review it tomorrow.


Yep all working nicely.

Cracking track too. On a hard dance/jard house tip, but definitely I could imagine hearing this on Kutski’s show for sure, so it’s a full force effort thats for sure. Nice one.

Yer it takes a while to load up the only one that doesn work for me is the mastering vid Phil it says something about the stream not found or stream error.

Wont load for me - I’ve been waiting about 10 mins for the walkthrough now. :frowning:

The song was amazing! and the tuts damn i learned so much on this one!

Great tutorial guys … a lot goin on here … :slight_smile:

I have to say that I am disappointed with the track it self, was thinking they would be more to it, it’s a very basic track and sounds dated, would of been class say if we were in 2004/5 as it is very organ donors sounding from that time also I think you should of made the track between 140bpm and 145bpm!

Tutorial is very clean and easy to follow and the percussion build is good but it lacks extra riff’s, pads and stabs to give it more depth and full!

Don’t get me wrong I am happy that SA are finally covering the harder genres but I do feel like they need to geek up more on them or get someone in who knows what they are doing!


Wow!!! Tell us what you really think…:w00t:

Only saying how I hear it.:cool:

Just read what I put again and when I say or get someone who knows what they are doing I don’t mean that in a harsh way guys as I know the guys at SA are very talented and I hope to one day have as much know how in my chosen genre, just ment someone who makes this stuff day in day out!

Jesus christ mate, I really don’t understand why you subscribe to this place?

All you ever do is moan about something then when you finally get it you moan it’s not what you want. It’s like living with a pre-pubescent teenager.

It’s absolutely tedious.