Any plans for UNDO?

This is REALLY missing… make one bad move → hours of work gone.

I think it’s and absolute must in 2019…


Any news on that? It’s 2020 now… Undo shouldn’t be a problem for a modern software architecture.

Hey there @tonfilm

Don’t know about the status and if this can de implemented easily or not, best way is to ask ANA 2 guru :smile:

Any news on this @phil_johnston ?

Unfortunately without some major surgery undo isn’t possible… it would involve adding code to almost every section to make it work.

It’s not impossible obviously but it’s not something that is currently being worked on.

Multisampling, is in progress and pretty far along.

Then Drag and drop modulation will be on the cards along with some other interesting bits.

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Thanks for the update Phil, too bad for the undo feature but yep, was also the way I picture it, not easy to implement indeed. Will it be the same for adding editable or value type-in feature BTW ? This has been asked several times too.

The Multi-sampling feature sounds really nice !! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: Gonna be a serious addition for sound designers IMO.