Any remixers/tutors out there?

Hi, I am quite new to Logic, and have made a couple of tunes, that I think are quite good.


They definitely need tidying up, fine tuning, preparing for release. Is there anyone out there who help with this. If so how much for a couple of hours of your time, tidying them up and then taking me through what you’ve done so I will know for next time.



Hey there @robinarnold2

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You basically have 2 options when it comes to Mixing/Mastering tracks : either choosing to do it yourself and thus learn about it over time or find someone to do it for you which usually means paying a mixing or mastering engineer who’s not gonna explain to you the all process in details. A 3rd option is to use online mixing or mastering services, such as "LANDR " or “Cloudbounce” based on mixes profiles libraries & algorithms and applying “automatic” corrections to your mixes, but no human interaction taking place in this case.

I think it’s definitely beneficial to learn about it and first start by demystifying what’s mixing & mastering or preparing tracks for delivery via online platforms.

Start with this course first : Understanding Mixing Fundamentals with Phil Johnston.

You can then dive more into other courses like :

Use the keyword search feature ( the magnifier icon on the top/right page ) on the main website and perform several searches using keywords like “Understanding” , “Mixing” or “Mastering” to be prompted with other courses & videos.

You’ll also get recommendations based on the content you’ve watched via your dashboard on the main site.

For anything collaboration or finding someone else providing Mixing or private teaching services, you can of course ask on the forums as well as in the private Facebook discussion group, but just make sure to only describe what you’re after and ask others to DM you in private either via the forums or the FB group and whatever contact or agreements you could find via the community, this is totally outside the scope of S.A of course.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !


Thanks for the advice, It is much appreciated. The problem I have is I think my track sounds amazing as it is:) This makes it harder to know where to fine tune.

I will watch the tutorials.



That’s exactly the point about getting feedback from someone else → Fresh ears and different mind set about the track because it’s not their own track on which they spend long listening hours. That brings a different perspective and focus when listening and the feedback will be far more objective than your own impression.

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