Any suggestions for warming up a track?

What the title says really.

Working on a track now and want to make the sound warmer, like some commercial ones I’ve heard, here:


It’s a link to Beatport - Funkagenda, Do Geese See God

Any ideas using standard Ableton suite stuff?

One way of increasing the quality in ableton live is to switch the default sr & pitch conversion to “high quality”…by default it is “normal” for low cpu usage…it is located in preferences >> audio…also there are quality control buttons in live’s inbuilt plugins… incase not for example in eq… you can right click & select hi quality…but it will eat more cpu…But the sound quality you get with external mastering plugins like waves or ozone can never be achieved by ableton’s inbuilt plugins…but still you can optimize your sound quality by following these methods…

I havent listened to the track but I use abletons saturation plugin, there are some preset to warm up the high, mid and low, I tend to use them as send/return fx.

Could be worth a look

yep the wave shaper preset for Lives saturator plug can warm up the signal considerably, though do go easy it can get very warm indeed:)


Thanks guys. I’ll stick one on a return track and have a mess around.