Any tips on getting the bass drum kick sound i am after?

Hi folks, I have been using cubase 5 for a few months now (complete newbie with no music experience except knowing what I like to hear!!):w00t:, and am starting to get to grips with it…However I cant seem to get decent drum sounds that you hear on dance music tracks and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to achieve them.  For instance I like the bass kick in Agnellie + Nelsons - Holding onto nothing and the way i changes at the start of the track.  Also more recently the remix of 4 strings that was in the charts, bass kick and sound.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS I have bought Sylenth 1 as well

One nice way of doing this is layering the sound of your bass kick with chains inside an Ableton Instrument Rack. You can do this with either the same drum sound layered up or a selection of different kicks. Once you got the one(s) you like, start to experiment with the filters on each one. So have one on a low pass for sub bass, another on band pass for your mids then a high pass for your top end. Mess around with the volume mix for each one until you are happy then repeat. You don’t of course just have to have three bands - mix away to your heart’s content!

Thanks m8,

I will give that a try.  Been on web searching for techniques and I have a few (including yours) to experiment with.


Nice one - glad to help!

What were the other techniques you found out? I’m only learning myself and am always on the lookout for new techniques. :slight_smile:

found this thread very interesting re the above

and this one too

The first thread was very useful for me, yet i am still trying to get that sof thumping heavy hit I am looking for…I think I may have to use side-chain comp on a slight white noise sound to acheive it.  I will let you know if i ever get it;)

The way it changes? How does it change? Link me perhaps.

I’ve got a feeling it’s likely to be quite a common trick which is to use a high pass filter on the kick which then lets more low end frequencies after a few bars.

I do this quite a lot actually to help add effect.

Nice one - thanks for sharing adz! These both look useful…

So you like the kick in Agnellie + Nelsons - Holding Onto Nothing? I will tell you how to get that EXACT same kick… Here it is…



Everyone does it, and if you like the kick that much, most songs start out with a solid kick drum at the beginning so just chop that shiz up! Its super easy.

And, if you fell reeeeaaallllyyyy guilty about stealing a kick, remember that most urban and dance music is based around sampling anyways. Don’t let anyone fool you if they tell you that they create every kick with oscillators. Bologna!

Sampling… Steal other peoples sounds!

Yeah good idea! Might just do that, however the bit after 55 seconds( is the kick i am after and I would have to filter it and all that kind of stuff and will probably end up with something different??

Will give it a go tho!!


listen to this version and at 55 seconds you can hear the bass suddenly get louder or sharper or something more dramatic anyway.

I have this on vynyl and it sounds great at that bit.


It sounds to me like at 55 seconds they double the kick, and have a high pass filter on it around say 175Hz. Which makes it “brighter” more noticeable and only lets the mid to high range come in. I would just try duplicating your kick, putting a high pass on the new one, then bus them together.