Anybody help please :)

i really need to know how to make good brass sounds, is it possible with sylenth

possibly like this track…

[url]- YouTube

about 2:40 in


You can make it with a softsynth but its always going to sound a bit digital… Your better of using a rompler or sampler. Check out Kontakt, it comes with a huge collection of brass samples that you can play on your keyboard just like you would play a synth. I think when using a sampler/rompler your always gonna get better sounds, I think Sylenth is awesome but its more versed for electronic sounds, when it tries to create a classical instrument like I dunno an acoustic guitar or a trumpet it falls miles short tbh.

You will also notice there arent alot of patches in any sylenth sound banks that really try it…

I play trumpet and I’ll send you some samples if you like…PM me

Find live stuff mate it’s so much better.

I tried using a few single hits etc and it just didn’t sound as good as a live player