Anybody interest in how the Stanton Warriors get their sound?


I’ve been a massive Stanton Warriors fan for a long time and the new album renewed my respect for their incredible production capabilities and unique mix of breakbeat, hip hop, huge beats, samples and synths

They give very few interviews and usually to DJ Magazines so you don’t get to find out much about their production technique. They had a tiny 1 page interview in Computer Music where they laid out their favourite plugins (Decimort for Crispy drums, Geist for breakbeat chopping, Izotope Ozone or Alloy literally just for the Tube Warmth setting not mastering, Metrum for massive layered kick sounds). I know they use Logic as they gave a Music Tech interview interview a couple of years ago which did say much to be honest other than they use Logic and the SP1200 for its 12bit crunchiness - in the recent CM interview they said they sample the output of their SP1200 straight into Geist which has pretty much replaced Recycle for them

So here’s a request for a Stanton Warrior style breakbeat tutorial on SA. Some examples of tracks from the new album

Shoot me down: Complete with NI Massive style multiwobbles in the bass department

Stanton Warriors - Shoot Me Down feat. Ruby Goe (Official Video) - YouTube

New York: (Who are the Warriors :slight_smile: )

Stanton Warriors - New York (Official Video) - YouTube

Get Up featuring Ruby Goe and Hollywood: (cool vid with Ruby, Hollywood and an SP1200)

Stanton Warriors - Get Up ft. Ruby Goe & Hollywood Holt (Official Video) - YouTube

The Time Black Eyed Peas Remix: (turns an average BEP effort into an absolute smash)

The Time (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Black Eyed Peas - YouTube

Hopefully I’m not the only Stanton fan on SA and would really appreciate your support in responding to this request for the guys at SA to add a Stanton tutorial

I’m new to SA - I think the site is brilliant so far. I’m always open to sharing what I know and learning new stuff. Send me a message if you know of Stanton Warrior interviews on production that I may have missed



I would be interested in this as well. Over the years the guys have improved their production immensely - even their DJ edits sound massive. Thanks for the info you posted so far, Nick. I’m going to go take a look at those plugins.

This interview mentions a few of the same VSTs you brought up:

They use Waves for vocals - I’m not surprised, Waves is my favorite compressor.

I would be keen for sure. They have allways made decent tracks…

Damn dude you got me addicted to that Shoot Me Down track, its f’n awesome.

Never really liked Stanton Warriors, thought there name (and its inspiration, since I see myself stumbling and falling over onto stanton warrior sewer plate thingies alot) was awesome, but there music never caught my attention until today…

Blame you, been going hyper beserk on there tracks, Shoot Me Down is just too awesome!