Anyone got any tips on making retro (80s) style kicks and snares in Kick 2?

Looking to create some 80s style kicks and snares.
Kick 2 can do good House and current EDM kicks, but what ingredients are there in retro style kicks?

Also, I know Kick 2 can do pretty good snares too, but I think 80s snares are reverb-gated if I’m not mistaken.
Any tips on doing 80s snares in Kick 2?

Hey there @TableT

Watch this free course from Phil demonstrating how you can replicate almost any Kick starting with a source sample. Once you get in the ballpark with the sub part of the sound ( “body” of the Kick or Snare ) then you can further tweak your sound with the clicks slots, there are already some snares reverb in the factory/Reverb content but you can also import your own samples into the Clicks slots.

Assimilating Kicks in Kick 2 with Phil Johnston

Thats a useful video, thanks…
I think that 80s kicks and snares have a lot of processing in them though.

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Yeah 80s kicks are mostly highly processed live kicks.

You can get some good stuff starting with the live kicks in the presets and adding the RMX16 clicks from the reverb section. Then using some compression or EQ to tune to taste.