Anyone have any tips on programming ethnic tribal percussions?

I’d like to program some on my own if I can make them sound as good as a sample pack. an example would be something like what michael cleis is doing… is there a good way of programming these rhythms? or is your best bet just to buy a sample pack?


here is the best way to do it…

take the track you like and drag it into ableton. from there, slow the tempo down all the way as low as it can go. try to recreate the beat from there. if that is still to fast, you can time stretch the audio.

hope this helps!

find a site that you can download midi clips of drum loops that would suit your needs and either keep them the way they are or change em up

yeah that is a good idea. thanks.

programming real tribal would be a bit of a mission, playing it in using a midi controller or even real drums would probably sound closer. however my advice is that you go an buy some loops.