Anyone have Miroslav Philharmonik?

Hi everyone,

Bit of help needed, probably should be in the tech section…

If anyone has the classical plug in Miroslav Philharmonik, has anyone had the issue of it constantly crashing?

I have updated to the latest version (1.1.2) and it still does it. The tech support at IK Multimedia have been great but still get the same issue.

I have done what they have recommended (At the ‘Pref’ section, switch from ‘Hi-Quality’ to ‘Hi-Performance’, turn the stereo down to ‘1+2’ as well as increase the audio buffers in Ableton) and it still crashes. It does it when I close the Live session or try to replace the VST on that channel.

Please can someone help? It’s frustrating and I’ve nearly ripped out a bald patch!

Cheers everyone