Anyone in belast know how to treat a room acoustically

Im looking for a company or someone who can help me treat my room professionally. Im building a small studio its 21.5 ft by 10.5 ft. I have 10 base traps built and want to put set decks in future in the room along with the studio set up for mixing and making tunes (control room basically). Anyone from the sonic academy crew want paid to do it and you can make a video along with it? lol

Any help or recommendations would be much apreciated


there are lots of guides online that should get you started.

Get your main 4 corners treated first with the bass traps

Then look to the dihedral corner right above your console

Finally, head to the side walls with some acoustic panels and look for the first reflection points from your speakers to your ear.

This us were im at so far got some other advice from gik acoustics

"place your desk at the shorter wall and make sure your listening position is at 38% of the distance from the front wall into the room.

I wouldn’t place the decks on any wall but on a table in the center of the room, symmetry is important. I would go for 38% of the distance from the back wall into the room if that is possible."

Does this look ok to you so far in terms of placement? Also any advice on settings i should use on my speakers how do i figure out which eq settings on speakers or best for this room? Im usning a pair of genelec 8030b

It looks good. your speakers are quite close and wont be pumping out tons of sub bass so you shouldnt have too much of a problem.

How does it sound?

Thanks Phil I moved speakers back a bit what distance should they be at?

Still a work in progress but so far so good, Sounds decent compared to what is was. Im going to find the first reflection points next and put more Bass traps there, for this should i get someone to run hold a mirror and run it across the wall until i see my speakers in the mirror and place the base traps there is this correct? Also do I put some on the ceiling above were i sit?


Track Ive been working on since put base traps in hows it sound to you? lol

If you really want to go deeper in to you could use room eq wizard and a behringer reference mic and do some room measurements.

It’s the only way to really gauge what issues you might have.

I did some videos on it before.

I’ll be doing some more vids on it when I start working on my new room in the next couple of months.

Just watched the before and after videos Ill defiantly give this ago. Getting it painted next week so I will get stuck in to that sometime next week cheers mate

Hi Phil

I have done a complete refurb of the studio (check photos) i am getting carpet put down today and I have 10 base traps built and 2 boxes of acoustic foam tiles. Any chance i can borrow your mic today to do before and after with eq wizard? Or do you know anywere open today i can purchase one?

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This is my attempt phil just finished it tonight mate what do you think? I still have to put all the acoustic foam tiles up and stuff i dont want to use glue do you have any other recommendations to put the foam tiles on the wall without damaging it?

what do you think of this mate? Im considering buying this to help with my studio Monitor Calibration what do you think?

Thanks in advance

i actually have this sitting here in front of me,

It certainly colours the sound of my studio - but i’ve yet to use it during a proper mixdown and reference elsewhere to see how the results compare.

I think im going to give it a try seems to have really good feedback from gearslutz etc

I got it 50% discount also lol sweet, still have not set it up yet I think It would be best to finish of treating the room before I set it up.