Anyone know enough music to work out chords

hello im stuck making a remix does anyone have any experience working out chords or melodys in tunes. thanks, ibby

Melodyne possibly. Go to and there is a video on what it can do. I know it can split chords up and tell you what notes are playing. pretty powerful stuff.

Other than that, start matching up notes.

You can also cut up the audio and pitch it up and down. i dont know if that would solve your issue tho.

What DAW are you using Mate?

Its a sample in Audio that you are trying to work out?

Cheapest / Fastest way is to to a bit of plinky plonking with your keyboard.

Get the root notes down to begin with. You’ll know straight away if they’re right or not.

Then… If you chop the sample up into the actual chords on the Audio track…

You can then loop them up to play once or twice in a bar or whatever.

Start experimenting in the MIDI region (on the Synth track below…) by adding other similar length notes (over the root notes that you have already recorded in…) to make up the full chord.

You’ll be able to get it pretty close Man.

You should also think about extracting the groove from the original performance so that you can keep the feeling of the original sample.