Anyone Know how to make these basslines?

Its probably pretty simple but i still cant recreate it… pretty new to producing so if anyone can help would be much appreciated!

- YouTube

or this

- YouTube

Assuming that you’re talking about the basses at 00:00 of the first tune and ~1:17 of the second, they’re fairly standard analog bass sounds. For the envelope, you want a short, or no, attack and a quick decay. A little bit of release, too. That will give the bass a plucked sound, like it’s coming from a bass guitar. There is more sustain in the second video than the first. You have lots of options with the sound source, but you will want a low pass filter set pretty low no matter what. Sounds like the filters have some drive and a bit of envelope, too.

You say you’re new, so that might not make much sense. I suggest trying to figure it out, though, as that will teach you more than anything. Still, if you get stuck, I could make up a quick patch to show you what I’m talking about (though that doesn’t come without effort on your part). Let me know what synth you’re trying to use and I’ll see what I can do just as soon as I’m out of whatever super-low funk I’m in.

Cheers ill try figure it out if not ill ask for some more help