Anyone producing on their laptops?

I’m curious to know how people are connecting their gear to their laptops?

I currently use one of those USB hubs but i feel like its not the best way to go about it. And I’m tired of having to switch things in and out.

Between the limited amount of USB ports how would you go about connecting an audio interface, midi controller and external keyboard and mouse?

well I have 4 usb ports which is enough, one for soundcard, for mouse, one more mini midi keyboard and 1 left!

i have mine hooked up to an audio knotrol one. its cheap easy and came with a free copy of massive when i got it.

I’m using mbp, so only 2 ports…

keyboard, mouse, midi controller, external drive are plugged to the hub

and audio interface directly, but to be honest

I din’t have any issues with audio going thru the hub as well.

Obviously you will need a powered hub to supply enough juice to audio.

I’m using cheapo ‘ebuyer’ hub and D-Link as well…no probs with either of those.

using mbp 2 x ports

port 1 Belkin 7 in usb hub

port 2 audio Interface

I keep the audio interface directly into port 1 &

use the second for the Belkin 7 in… for several controllers…

I might use two controllers at a time …

do try to keep things simple & sweet… :wink:

I have MacBook Pro with 2 USB and a Firewire (for the external lacie HD backup).

I plug a midi controller in one port, and a belkin usb hub into the other…works fine with eLicenser dongle, APC40, Saffire 6, and Blue Yeti usb mic all plugged in at the same time.

i have a laptop w/ ableton/soft synths and sample packs that is all . .

[quote]deanmau5 (17/04/2011)[hr]i have a laptop w/ ableton/soft synths and sample packs that is all . .[/quote]

same here :slight_smile:

I have a mbp with 2 ports…

i use a bluetooth mouse and a midi keyboard/apc40. usually i start with headphones and use a8dj to listen to monitors

Macbook Pro 17" here.

MOTU Ultralite on firewire fw800/fw400 cable

mouse USB, keyboard BT (wireless w00t)

Novation Remote SL61 Mk2 on another USB.

Still have one more USB for whatever I feel.

I only produce on my macbook pro at college but do ok with 2 ports, one for virus and one for my nio 2/4 and use a bluetooth mouse, for preformance suff I use one port for my apc20 and the other port for my nio 2/4 and run a normal DJ mixer from the nio what then in turn will go into a pioneer efx!


I use a macbook pro, so I just connect my keyboard/mouse wirelessly, allthough sometimes I use a usb mouse directly into it since I hate producing on the ‘magic mouse’.

I plug my Axiom 49 into one port and my soundcard into the other so i’m all filled up and don’t really see myself needing anymore ports in the future (for now anyways). :wink: