Anyone selling ANA 2 or wanna trade it for something pls hit me up!

i Really wanna buy ANA 2 and my paypal and bankl have some issues right now so i cant buy for atleast till the lockdown here is over. If anyone wants to trade it for any of these items please hit me up:

*DS Audio Thorn
*Melodyne essential 4

i can trade multiple of these licenses
*ableton live lite (i have 2)
*bitwig 8 track
*novation bass station and v station(2 each)
*accusonus voice leveler and de esser
*d16 nithonat
*sonnivox eighty eight
*UVI digital synsations
*tracktion biotek
*izotope trash 2
*izotope ozone 9 elements
*izotope neutron 3 elements
*serato sample le

Please someone

HI there @kavin2134

ANA 2 is still 65% OFF, Sonic Academy hasn’t tell when the sale will be over until now.
Suggest you try to fix those issues as soon as you can and try to get it while on sale, not sure the trade offer will work here and beside this be aware that there’s a transfer license fee that applies and a procedure to follow to request ANA 2 license transfer between actual & future owner, so it won’t be totally free in the end and there’s some steps to follow.

Oh that sucks. Our banks have actually temporarily disabled international transactions, so that will be hard then. ill try find a way and try to buy it