Anyone with a mic able to make a quick vocal sample?

A friend has asked me to do a quick edit of Barbara Streisand by Ducksauce for a relative’s birthday.

I tried to use soundflower to record text-to-speech but couldn’t get it to work. I wondered if anyone has a mic (I don’t) and time today to record me a simple sample of the name “michael stanley”.

If anyone has time to do it and send me a clip it would be greatly appreciated, PM me and I’ll give you my email address.




Audio Hijack Pro gives you a Demo of 10mins of recording (each time you start it).

I’ve never upgraded to the full version.


It records Safari or any app thats making noise. Might get ya going Mate. Its a handy little thing anyway.  

Great I’ll try that.

I couldn’t get Ableton to record from soundflower last night at all.

It’ll work for ya Mate. I recorded something out of Live there the other night.

Theres a choose source list (or called something similar… )  in Audio Hijack. Choose Live and it’ll record.

Hit the Hijack button… then Record.

You can do it here:

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