APC40 Vs Vestex VCM 600 for Ableton DJ'ing

I’m wondering thoughts on the two of these, I want to play out on Ableton. I want to play my own stuff/ remixes alongside a regular set.

I want to have trad kill switches for eq and a way to sweep some LFO’s stylies accross the channels.

Or any other suggestions greatly appreciated.


I’m leaning towards the VCM but also like the look and price of the K2?

Wish I could have them all for a week

I’ve got an APC40 and I’ve only used it a few times to DJ with Ableton but it was pretty amazing. I’d highly recommend that one. As far as EQ kill switches and LFOs and such, there’s so many buttons on this thing and they can all be remapped to do such things pretty easily. You can come up with your own Live DJ project and do some pretty cool stuff with it.