guys and girls

we know that quite a lot of you have had issues with the new website this week and the main issue with the website is the log in functionality/problems with forums etc

we are working double full time and have 3 web developers on this today and over the weekend so hope to get these issues sorted out asap.

we have reallocated staff from all other projects to get this sorted and will keep you updated.

we are genuinely sorry about the problems this is presenting to you guys, and for anyone who is unhappy with the service they are receiving, let us know and we can arrange to extend your subscription and/or a refund.

we want to keep you guys happy and realise that the experience you’ve had this week has not been good enough. but please understand we are doing everything humanly possible to make it better.

as for the past post - the overwhelming response to the look and feel of the new site has been amazing but we will make tweaks to colours etc based on feedback