Marcel Dettmann is following me on soundcloud. :cool:

Now, it’s probably the real fella, unlike the fake Ritchie Hawtin that followed me months ago. I think… ummm.

I’m honoured.

Assuming it’s a real account

Assuming it’s not his PR person

Assuming he’s not going to spam me

Assuming he didn’t click ‘follow’ by mistake

That’s a lot of asses

Yeah he followed me then unfollowed me and then followed me, same happened to James I think - he’s a cnt :D:P:w00t::hehe:

It’s funny how it happens like that. You’ve got to think that he found us all through the same route then followed some internet chain link path thing.

Oh and, don’t care

Its funny looking at his A/c anyway:

He uploads tracks… deletes them… uploads the same ones again later…

Maybe he’s female :wink:

You know they are all weird at Berghain :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh unless they offer me a gig then they are very nice people indeed :cool:

Ha ha. Yeah marcel was following me last night not sure if he still is. He followed me back though and if he continues to then fair play but I’m not holding my breath!

Another one that really pissed me off is mario ranieri, he followed me, I followed him back a few days later then he stopped following me. Prick!

Is there a connection between them - in terms of management etc… ?

We know they’re cnuts… maybe we could dig Taggart up to find out more.

Yeah it’s probably not even them that’s doing it, could be there agency/ management

or a ghost :smiley:

Maybe they deleted when Wiesenthal started following you?

[quote]ICN (27/06/2011)[hr]Maybe they deleted when Wiesenthal started following you?[/quote]

That may go over a lot peoples heads mate - but made me laugh :cool: