Apple ipad ? is it worth it

Hey people not been on line for ages but I thought I would come and tell you about my new purchase as some cool things.

So I have been uming and arring for 6 months now on getting an Ipad for the studio and finally decided to get one last friday.

I must say it has been on of the best purchases so far.

Applications that are a must


This an amazing little app for designing your own midi controllers, you can design and custermise any way you like, currently I have build a Ableton DJ controller and a MPC style drum machine, you will need a 2nd piece of software that runs on your Mac to convert the OSC messages to midi which is call OSCulator but its worth it.

The best thing about the app is the LogicPad controller which comes as a default with the software and controls everything in logic out of the box it even works with 3rd party plugins which is awsome.

Korg IElectribe

Make techno drum loops on the road and then record and sample them into ESX/Kontakt or what ever, you really cant go wrong.

Anyway if anyone else has some more info on this just add it here, I will upload all my TouchOSC/OSCulator Templates once they are finished if anyone else is using this and wants a copy.

If it is anything to go by, to show what it’s capable of, Damon Albarn has just produced an entirely new Gorrilaz EP on the iPad. Just thought it was interesting:

Gorillaz iPad album now available, as are the apps used to make it | Engadget

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