Apple Logic Pro X 10.4.x Updates

Apple just released 10.4.2 Update for LOGIC PRO X ( 27/09/2018 )

Here is a list of new available features as announced by Apple :

Among those, it"s interesting to note that you can now relocate the Sound Library to an external storage device.
This could be use to save a large amount of disk space on your Macs.

The Smart Tempo features seems to have received an upgrade as well, it works now with midi.

The new set send level in the mixer allowing you to control Aux send level & pan via channel strip fader.

You can now add a picture to track/projects helping you referencing session/hardware settings.

Apple Logic Pro X 10.4.3 Release ( 6th December 2018 )

Today apple released a new Logic Pro X update addressing many bugs fix from previous 10.4.2

Time to update :slight_smile: !

To read more about this update content, follow this Apple support link :