Arpeggios For Bass

I am a big fan of arpeggiated basslines, and am wondering what are some of your techniques for getting good arped rhythms and basslines?

I generally find myself custom writing my own arps instead of using abletons arpeggiator.

I find that that just going up to the 3rd and perfect 5th in the scale is too boring, I like using smaller intervals personally.

Although, I’m currently trying to get that rolling disco arp sound, like on The Chase by Giorgio Moroder, and am really struggling actually. Everything I’ve done so far sounds too “stiff” and not “rolling” enough like Giorgio’s bass arps. Does anyone have any ideas on this, or on bass arps in general?

Wow what a coincedence as I just watched this


Heres a link to a Ableton Template that I stuck up a little while ago.

Parts of it may / could be of some use to you  :)