Arrange VS Session view in Ableton

Hi all,

I have just been watching a tutorial on Chris Lake - it looks as though he drops his samples straight into the arrange view rather than the sessions view.

ie he drops a kick on 1.1,1.2,1.3 and 1.4 in the arrange view. He then seems to chop up some loops and be able to move them round easier.

I would appreciate some views on this please - this seems to be more the way that logic works but i dont have logic.

Also the likes of Stonebridge seems to use this technique you can then chop bits of loops and move then to different timings and also add swing to it.

Any thoughts as to the best way???

i used to do my beats this way when using acid and cubase as it was easy to set up a loop and move parts about. With ableton 7 having the slice to midi feature i don’t use this technique as much. I guess its what you are used to

I actually find it easier to do it the other way round, building and editing within Session view, especially since Slice to MIDI and Drum Rack have come on the scene as Nik says above. It means I can now set up all the sections of my tune in Session view into a scene each then simply perform the arrangement into the Arrange window (with fx and the like mapped to a MIDI controller). I have included a screenshot below of a recent session where I did exactly this!