Arrangement and track buildup

I remember watching a tutorial that explained how to setup a Trance track here on SonicAcademy. This is a while back, and now I can’t seem to find
It explained how a normal/expected Trance track should be built. br
Something like:br
[bars 1-8: kick drum]-br
[bars 9-16: kick drum + claps]-br
[bars 17-32: kick drum + claps + hihat]-br
[bars 33-40: kick drum + claps + hihat + bass]-br
[bars 41-48: kick drum + claps + hihat + bass + pads]-br
[bars 49-56: kick drum + claps + hihat + bass + pads starts to fade out]-br
Any of you that can point me in the right direction?

Heres all the Arranging Videos for Trance… could be the peak time trance basic structure one on the second page.

Yup, that was the
Thank you.