Arrangement Cirtique

Hey guys,

I’m not ready to release this track on the main forum yet as it still needs some work done to it, but I have placed the full arrangement together and wanted to know what your opinions were. Also, if you have any ideas that jump out at you I would be more than hapy to hear them. I should also mention that I am not looking for a “yeah its good” kinda comment, but more of a cut me down so I can learn type of thing.

I’m planning on starting the mixing process next weekend.

The link to the track is

I really appreciate your help with this.


EDIT: Just noticed I spelled Cirtique instead of Critique, HAHA:hehe:

Phil, Bryan?

Could you guys help me out with this or let me know if you guys don’t do this.

Thanks guys,


yo sorry didnt catch this one earlier!! :wink:

track sounds wicked… loads of good stuff going on…

in terms of arrangement I think this style suits a standard:

verse, chorus,verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus

you could use what you have for pre chorus between each verse and chorus.

You have the structure for the verse, pre-chorus, chorus at the start of the tune.

I would shorten the pre-chorus (build) to 4 bars

chorus tend to get longer throughout tracks so try having your first one a bit shorter at the start… this is like a tease… giving them enough to get it but its only enough that they just want more.

Then all you are really after is something thats building so its not totally the same each time.

Dont be too afraid of repetitive structure… you just dont notice it as much in other tracks as you havnt been working on them for like weeks solid.

I would scrap the Major bit after your break sounds a bit out of place to my ears… but thats just me … if you love it keep it in.

Let us know how you get on.


No worries Phil.:wink:

I really appreciate the feedback.
All great stuff really.
Your glitch house tutorial really helped me create this.

I’ll defninitely have a play around with it using your suggestions.

I am kinda attached to that break a little bit (probably because my girlfriend keeps saying how she likes that part, but what the hell does she know:D).

I’ll try it without it and see how it sits for me.

One last question if I might ask. I really have no good plugs for mixing and mastering. Would SA be willing to mix and master this (I would be willing to pay for it of course). The guy I go to is not the best as he’s kinda old school. If you guys were interested you could even use it for a mixing tut. if you wanted of course. (just a thought)

Thanks again,