Arrangement for Tribal tut

Will there ever be an extension to the Tribal videos in regards to arrangement?

The only thing that’s bothering me is that because it’s so drum based, it’s difficult to keep things moving and changing, unlike with a genre that’s based around basslines / synths etc, you can keep the key of the note changing which in turn keeps things interesting.

A drum based style seems to be a little different arrangement wise.

I actually have made a full tribal track (not from the tutorial) but this is the area i’m finding the problem, is keeping the track moving and changing. There is only so much removing and adding drum parts can do. There is no synth in the track either. I thought even a shepards tone in the background would keep things moving, but it just ends up being irritating.

Perhaps uploading it to show you would be a good example? Just don’t really want to upload anything mediocré lol. But anyways, i’m sure you know what I mean.

The drums tend to stay pretty constant its the FX, Delayed Vocals with loads of feedback and stabs n stuff that you use to build the track.

Ok cheers Phil, will play around more with all that, see what happens :slight_smile: