i wish there would be more tutorials that really focus on track arrangement and transpositions between the bars. to create a loop is very easy for most people, i
a very common problem is to keep your track interessting. sure, there are a lot of tutorials how to make a certain style of music, but i think the arrangement parts are a not that detailed, especially how to make diffrent types of transitions between your bars, besides crashes, sweeps and risers. i would be really nice to see, how you can play with your elements, that the track sounds varied. i dont know if other people think the same or if its just my problem :slight_smile:

I think this is a common problem/challenge everyone
Here comes the creativity and originality of the
You could place tracks as guidelines in your
Alternatively you could try to get clear the story you want to tell. How it evolves through time. What elements can keep the interest. What elements raise the tension, etc.