Hey guys,

just uploaded a new track. I don’t really know which genre this is, so I called it “Dream House” - it has some progressive elements, some techy elements and I feel like it’s a good song to just close your eyes and relax. It was produced using Ableton and softsynths. Feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Arrival by Chris Racha

sounds pretty cool mate, got some nice natural sounds going on and a “airy free” vibe

That bassline is fierce mate…love it :). Nice pad usage and some really cool sounds goin on in there which are really interesting. Think maybe your off beat hi hat could be toned down a little at the start, it sounds a little overpowering at the beginning?

I reckon you could do a much darker alternative of this with that bassline as well though…it reminds me a bit of konstantin yoodza “I can’t tell you no” although that tune is on the funkier tone of things as well, I reckon with the right samples you could get a real yin/yang thing goin on :wink:

Really nice work though mate, i’ve just posted my first track on sound cloud which i’m really keen to get some feedback on…its on a minimal tech-house vibe so you might enjoy it, if you could try and get an opportunity to have a listen i’d be really appreciative?