Artist Rosta

if a label offer to put you on their artist rosta, just exactly what does this mean? will they look to get you gigs or just put my name on their webpage?

anyone know or had this done and if you have did anything come from it?

Why? Have you had an offer?

It’s normally artist management in which case they get you gigs for a % cut of the fee

thats interesting.

a label mentioned it in an email to a demo reply. just a mention of it so not an offer as such… yet. I’ve ask them to “expand” on it :slight_smile:

Congrats, that must make you feel good. :slight_smile:

To me it sounds like something a new label would do to build up their rep–do you recognize any of the other artists on their rosta?

yeah I own tracks from 2 of their artists but under different labels, pretty good tracks too.

I like almost all the tracks the label has out as well but the label is a little small and newish. But like you mentioned its good they have a couple of artists I know and like.

labels put you on their artist roster so that they can display how many different artists they have.

they don’t & wont get you gigs. managers/agents/yourself get you gigs!

the only SLIGHT chance that you would get a gig, would be a label party.