Arturia giving away Mini Moog for free on Thursday 21/06

Arturia are giving away the mini moog synth for free for one day, Thursday 21st June. I think it’s for world music day.

Should be worth a look.

Thanks for flagging this mate. I’ll grab a copy tomorrow.

:open_mouth: incredible. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the info :Wow: Very nice !

Now waiting for the download link. All that facebook crap with those silly apps…

I’m going to download it when I get in from work, is it not straight forward to do?

Hopefully it should be worth it though!

Awesome, thx for sharing!

for me the website isnt working on Safari. Anyone else cant get on it?

Using Firefox. Took me quite a few attempts to get through the first part and log my details. Lots of timeouts.

Still getting loads of timeouts on the download page. The few times it has managed to download a disk image it’s so small - only about 47kb - that I think there’s still a problem on their side.

In any event it won’t register as a .dmg file so won’t load.

Ultimately, still not managed to download.

Go to Arturias Facebook page if you cant get access to the site…

I got the message on facebook that I will receive an email within 48hrs with my personal activation code and download link. Still not received anything…

Yeah me too, I’ve downloaded the torrent, just need the activation code to be emailed, to be fair, it said 48 hours so I’ll not moan yet!

aw, took me like 3 min to get the activation CODE.:w00t:

My code has come through so hopefully everyone else’s should as well.