Asking for feedback/advice

hello everybody,br
I just “finished” my first track which I consider good enough to share with you guys :wink: :)br
So I would love some feedback!br
I’m pretty satisfied with the arrangement, but now I’m getting to my limitations in case of eq-ing and dynamics… br
So any advice on that would be greatly appreciated :)br
Of course anything else you can comment would also be great to hear :)br
Hope you enjoy my sound :)br

sooo… nobody wants to help me?

Yeah cool track… nice vibe to
i think the drums could use some work… the snare on the loop sticks out to much for me and the kick is getting lost. you could try kick sidechain comp on the Loop to get it to bed in a bit
Get your Kick a bit more upfront in the mix.

hey phil,br
thanks for the reply and the
Also thanks to anybody else for the messages :)br
Actually I’m also quite not happy with the sound/equing of the
But it seems like everything I do males the mix worse… :(br
specially the stabs get lost completely or just sit on top of everything else… I just can’t find the right spot… Same goes for the hats and snare/clap sounds or the drums in general…br
My master channel is completely empty at the moment… I tried to put a glue comp on it, but it ruins it
I think it also has to do with my crappy “monitoring”… I only have like a small logitech z523 stereo system, but I can’t get like real monitors (krks for example), because I travel a lot for my job and my bags are allready full with all my other stuff I carry aroundbr
After all I decided to give this track a rest and get back to it with a free mind maybe next week or
aditionally I got myself my first midi keyboard (akai max49) last week so I decided to focus more on that at the moment to hopefully improve my workflow and most important to get more into musical theory (chords and scales etc) which I didn’t quite get along with with my ableton push at all…br
Thanks a lot and I will post an updated version when I worked on the track again…br
If there is anything else I could improve on that version I would love to hear it. :slight_smile:

You should Maybe Get a Nice Set of Headphones like the Sennheiser HD600s… Its what we use here when speakers arnt available. they Translate Really well.

yes, that should be my next investment I
The only problem I have with headphones is, that after a while they get really uncomfy. br
I wear glasses (have to wear them 24/7) and also while djing it really hurts after some time. When I finish like a 6 to 7 hours set my ears seem like falling off… :/br
Same when I put on my current headphones for
I’m using pioneer hdj 1500. I like the sound (i know they are not the best for producing, but hey… better then nothing), but after 3 hours or so it really hurts… and i had the same problem with all other headphones as well… technics, aiaiai, and so on… br
that’s why i kept away from spending like 350 bucks for another pair of cans…br
Anybody here with the same problem or any solution to prevent the ears from falling of? :smiley:

buy some AKG 702, you barely notice you’re wearing them and the sound is
They require a bit of burn in to get the bass response perfect but once that’s done they are amazing headphonesbr
I have a couple of kids so can rarely use my monitors, I couldn’t live without the AKGs

I could wear my 600s all day the have supper soft pads, don’t touch your ears and are open backed so you can still hear what’s happening around you so you don’t feel isolated etc.

Sorry to change the subject Phil, but why does your picture on here looking nothing like you in the videos?

Its about 10 years old… That Better? :slight_smile:

That’s more like it, it didn’t feel like it was you before! :wink:

yeah, the main problem was or is, that all the headphones i was or am using are sitting like on my ears, so the pads are actually pressing my ears against the frame of the glasses and thats the reason it hurts so bad after quite some time…br
I think I’ll just make a visit to musicstore cologne when i’m back in germany and check out some studio headphones and try them on… Maybe I won’t have that issues with pads that are big enough to completely cover/surround my
and I just saw that there is a new model by sennheiser… the
You think they make a difference that makes up for around 70.- higher price?br
Because if I buy studio headphones I want to buy something that is a long term sollution, even if it will be quite expensive. But as I like to say… “you buy cheap, you buy twice” …br
So yeah… Want to have a long term sollution so I don’t have to worry about buying new ones again. br
I think I saw a thread about studio headphones somewhere on here, but can’t seem to find it again… br
Which headphones would you recommend? Besides the HD600…br
There are the AKG 702 mentioned by Jimmy, any other headphones that are worth to check out and worth the money?br
ps: yes phil, that’s much better :smiley: was also wondering when I last saw a video of yours :smiley: :Pbr
So I just checked all over the forums with the search function…br
It seems like Sennheiser HD600 and the AKG702 are quite standing up from the
I also read that I would need an amplifier for those cans… But I think I should mention that I don’t have any Audio Interface at all (atm I’m running my audio via usb trough my traktor z1). So my next question (besides which headphones would be the best for me) would be if an audio interface would be sufficiant to run the headphones or do I still need an amplifier?br
And sorry for a “noob” question here, but what do you mean by “require a bit of burn in to get the bass response…”? You mean they need to be used some time until they really unfold their “real” sound impression?