Asking for feedback for my first Trance track

Hello everybody!

I'm quite new to electronic music (well been listening to it for several years). My backround is more on traditional band music (i'm guitar player), but since owning Cubase for several years I thought to try out making electronic music as well. I've few tracks before, but this is my first try out on doing trance. So I would welcome all kinds of feedback regarding composing, arranging and mixing the track. And actually I'm not quite sure if this is even pure trance tracks? Don't know, all feedback welcome! :)

And the track:

Hey… nice first effort.

The one thing that stands out is there seems to be a lot of different sections and chopping and changing. Try slowing things down and having different elements build more… will make it more trancey.

I like the riffs and your sounds :slight_smile:

But as Phil said: slow it down und create more builds - then it might be great

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Yes it needs more subtle buildup. I presume I’m littlebit too AD/HD when it comes to arranging. :slight_smile: And the actually mix sucks quite badly. Everything sounds too thin and squashed. I’m going to give a try remixing it, but then leave it there and start working on new tracks. Thanks for the comments and all the best for you guys!

not really my cup of tea but all the elements used seem pretty tight, solid drums and well spaced out sounds… As these guys said you can create longer builds for each segment to allow the listeners to really get a feeling for the elements that make the track up, good 1st job though man