Assign Kick2 to a specific key


I just bought Kick 2 and I’m using FL.

I have set up a FPC (drum rack/sampler) where I assign my kicks to keyboard note C3 (and other drumsamples to other keys on the same “midi channel/pattern”).

I would like to layer/stack this with a Kick 2 sound. How do I get Kick 2 to generate a sound only from C3 key? I would like to keep all my drums in one midi-track/pattern in FL.

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Don’t know much about FL studio TBH and not sure how to route a Midi note trigger input from a specific key into KICK 2 or other plugins, so this might be the part you’ll have to figure out on your end I’m afraid.

Back to KICK 2 itself, unless you activate KEYTRACK ( the keyboard icon for the sub and each click layer ) whatever midi note you played, KICK 2 will play a C3 pitch note value.

Enabling KEYTRACK enables the sub + clicks to follow the pitch of the incoming midi note.

You may want to play around and enable the Velocity as well ( at 0% by default Kick 2 does not respond to Midi note velocity at all, at 100 % it’s full velocity enabled ).

Again, not sure about the Midi routing inside FL Studio, in Abelton Live it’s easy to group plugins in a Drumrack and drag an instance of KICK 2 on any pad you like, but I don’t know what’s possible inside FL Studio, and FPC seems sample based.

Maybe other FL Studio users will know more about this, so comments are welcome !! :sunglasses:


I am looking for the same solution as you OP, It doesn’t look like there is a way to assign a midi note to act as a trigger for Kick 2.

EDIT: I figured out a way to filter the notes in my daw

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