(At your request) Something a little darker and pumping

Haris C - 13 (Boxer Remix) Alter Ego sample clip by BOXER (dj & producer)

Hi Guys.

After Receiving your lovely comments on my last couple of posts i decided to take note and put them in to action in this latest remix ive done for alter ego.

This is definitely something darker and more pumping than my usual style, but i still feel ive managed to keep my mark throughout. Should suite the time of year with this vibe.

Really would appreciate your feedback.



as always mate great production quality in your track, heavy drops and suspense… Nice lead hook, at 3:05 I would have left out the stab and let it drop in on the next bar, I wanted to hear that rolling bass on it’s own the first time…

besides that I can’t fault this mate, nice tune :wink:

Cheers mate. Yer i get ya… Just after where the clip ends there is a small break which kicks in like you said. I always have problems when it comes to kicking the track back in lol. on every track. Its more pumpin than id usually go, i like things deeper and proggy but im sure it will gain a bit of support. Got to try out things new aint ya:D