Audio Advice

Hey Lad,

Ben here from the land down under (sounds like a dirty porn film!!).

Just wanted some advice from some of you more seasoned lads, I am really putting a focus on my production now after being a DJ for nearlly ten years, and am moving into the trance proggresive scene.

I am thinking about beefing up my PC to give me better sound and to assist in my writting, I currently have a pretty beefy PC and am running Ableton 8 with Sylenth and Nexus, Synth1.

What I am thinking is along the lines of Moniters, Midi Keys and a new sound card low budget but bang for buck!!

Here’s what I am thinking of getting:

  • BEHRINGER TRUTH B 2030P (Monitors)

    Any thoughts?? Thanks Lads


looks fine to me mate

Hi ben

personally I would not advise getting the delta. I looked into getting one and didn’t hear many good reviews , checkout motu audio interface!

As for monitors it’s all how much you want to spend! What’s your budget?

hey bud, welcome. I would also go with a MOTU or an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra, or Fast Track Pro. For monitors, I have KRK RP5’s… Amazing sound. Very good reviews, and on the lower end of the Monitor price range, by far. For midi keyboard, I have an Akai MPK49. Ever since I got my APC40, I dont use it much, but its great to get down ideas while diddling around. I play the piano too, so 49 keys helps me play with both hands, but if I had to do it again, I would get the APC40 and get those mini keys midi thingies. Just my $.02

If you want I got an audiophile to sell or to exchange …

Monitors are like DJ headphones, people can tell you which they prefer but as so many are pretty similar it really does come down to your own personal preference. Go to a store and ask to have a listen to a few, try them out and opt for the one you prefer the sound off (whilst one that will still get all the frequency ranges, ie: pref a 8inch bass)

After all it’s you that is working with them, you need to be happy and comfortable with what you’re working with.

There is no right or wrong, just opinion and preference.

sorry Didn’t actually read the “DELTA” part of the m-audio.




are the most important part of any studio

midi controller is not that important unless you want a more hands on approach, if thats the case i would keep the midi keyboard you’ve gone for and also add a control surface.

the monitors you have chosen i think are in the Ian Carey future music video (if they are good enough for him)

Thanks Guys some great advice in there