Audio effects

Does anyone know how to get Computer Musics Dominator / Dominator FX working on Live 7? I’ve placed it in a channel after a simpler Midi sound and no sound comes out. If i turn it off the sound comes out?!

Also does anyone have any audio effect plug in recommendations? I’ve got Glitch but it’s not quite doing what we’re looking to achieve.

Any help much appreciated!

Think i’m just looking for something that modulates the LFOs and makes the sound realy wonky and wobbly

I’m assuming your after a glitchy type effect then? You on mac or pc? You trying to recreate the vocal effect? Or just after plugs in general? :wink:



Just found this about Dominator plug you are trying to use…

“You need to program a midi pattern that you want to control Domintor FX with, then route it to the effect in order for it to sound. I don’t use cubase so I don’t know if it is possible to do so, though I would assume it is. I hope this makes sense.”

Dont know how helpful this is… :smiley:


Raymondstar - Thanks, it didn’t make much sense though. I already have a sound source and midi in the channel, it plays the sound fine until i add the Dominator to the channel and basically no sound plays. It looked to me like the Dominator may have given me the capabilities to do what i’m really looking for (see below) but if im not getting sound when it’s added to the channel, then that’s a bit weird.

Cheers Jon :slight_smile:

Already have it actually after a recommendation from Chris Lake in one of his DVDs. Really good tool except it does annoy me though as it seems that you can only edit within 1 bar and not extend it out to 2, 3 or 4. Shame.

I’m really looking for something that can give me the capability to effect and modulate LFOs and give wonky, wobbly, querky effects (like what Massive does) but from an existing sound source ie: simpler / any general synth plug in.

Is there even anything out that does this?

im not 100% sure about what it is your trying to do lol

I was thinking of getting Sugarbytes Effectrix… any good guys?

[quote]belmiro (3/28/2009)[hr]I was thinking of getting Sugarbytes Effectrix… any good guys?[/quote]

Yeah really good but you can only edit a one bar sequence, which is pretty sh*t if you have a 2/3/4 bar loop going.