Audio interface for new macbookPro

hey guys, i have just bought a new macbook pro and i am so happy with it !!

i just set up a new project studio @ my girlfriends place and want to buy KRK Rokits and need a proper interface too.

i am only software based no need for many inputs or so …

can u recommend something please ?



PS: i really would want to know what interfaces our tutors use ! ? bry, phil ?

Try here M-Audio

I use this;

M-Audio Firewire Audiophile

hi nayrobi.

i dont record many things in myself, so i just use the built in sound card on the macbook pro!

when i do have to record, i usually use an M-Audio firewire 1814.

but there are more compact solutions. i used to use an Echo Indigo DJ PCMCIA card. and i loved the sound from it. so i would have no problems recommending any of their other interfaces

they also do a Expresscard slot version now!

depends how many ins or outs your looking for

If its any use I’ve been using Audio Kontrol 1 with my Macbook Pro for a few years now and never had a problem. Highly recommend it.

Hey guys thanks for the answers !

I decided to buy an M-Audio fast track pro … I also don`t have the need for many in and outputs …

i just want to run my KRK Rokits with it and i think the Prize/Quality for that interface is top - also on nr. 1 on the sales …

it looks a bit cheap … but i hope i will have no problems with it !

i will get it tomorrow …

@ Bryan

so therefore u are producing and mixing all with your headphones ?

what phones do u use !! ??

I heard Eric Prydz and those guys use all the Sennheiser HD650 !

would love a set of 650’s

but i have been using closed back 280’s to keep the missus happy :wink:

what do you think of the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro’s?

can’t say i’ve ever used them!

i love sennheisers so i would always stick with them!

What do you think of the indigo Expresscard? It looks like it will not only record, but help with the laptop processing. I’m having an issue with my computer slowing down so I’m hoping this will help…Any input?



i loved my pcmcia version for my last pc laptop

i expect this does the same job if not better!

can’t say how it would effect your processing power however!

I just got a MOTU Firelite MK3. Absolutely amazing sound. I would recommend it to anyone!