Audio Interface Recommendation

I am a newbie and just started playing around with Ableton. I am currently equipped with an HP Pavilion and a M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2 midi keyboard/controller. My sound card isn’t great, so my solution for the time being has been using the ASIO4ALL driver. My question is what do I need to buy that would allow me to still use my midi keyboard but also act as a sound card? I also want to be able to have my speakers and headphones on different outputs so I can do some mixing. I looked into it and all I have seen so far that looks like it would work for my setup and not break the bank is the M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Is this what I should invest in or am I completely off? Are there other options?

I have almost identical questions my friend and still i have had no reply in my thread, lets hope we get answers SOON off the powers that be!:angry:

Okay guys here goes.

My set up is a behringer BCD 2000 (Cost about £100 brand new) its like a full mixer - take a look on their website.

It has a bulit in sound card and you can listen to 1 chanel whilst monitoring another in Ableton.

I then have a studio logic keyboard pluged into a midi interface then into the usb of the PC. You can control all the sound that are output with the Berhinger BCD.

Hope this helps.

the behringer stuff is pretty decent and you get a controller and soundcard for the price of a soundcard.

there are a few options from m-audio you could try:


4 ins and outs… decent quality preamp for pluging a mic in.

I use this in my PC:


If you dont need multiple outs for DJing etc. this is great value and sounds good with great stable drivers.

Thanks…the Behringer BCD 2000 seems like a great option for me.

is that Behringer controller any good???..I got the Numark Total Control and DJ i/o sound card, for using Ableton, and hated it…sold after about a month…the cross-faders wouldn’t assign and the knobs were a pain too…the Behringer has a built in soundcard, right??

I use the M-Audio Fast Track Pro for both DJing and home recording. It’s defo a good job for the price.