Audio loop bar! please help


well its the first time ive worked in ableton and its the first tutorial i have done with sonic academy.

its how to sound like the prodigy (synth punk)

The problem i am having is the audio loop bar, when you load up an audio clip (this time it is a vocal called dimensions) it brings it up at the bottom of the screen at 1/16, two yellow tabs either end and the timing numbers along the bottom.

which i would say is the standard bar it brings every audio clip out in.

however, my problem concerns the difference of how the bar looks in the tutorial (and on a few other you tube clips i have noticed).

as soon as it loads up it has numbered yellow markers (1-3) and every bar within the loop is rounded at the top. it also has timing numbers along the bottom, aswel as the top.

because it is set out this way, it is easier to line the loop up with the beat

ive noticed in the tutorial (breakdown 5 prodigy synth) it also has a swing 16 setting but this is not explained upon,

in the earlier tutorials he uses a audio drum loop, which loads into the standard audio bar, but for this particular one its different.

can anybody help??

im using ableton live 8