Audio or Sampler

hi guys

what do you use, and you reasons behind it…?

when programming do you create your tracks using audio samples placed in the host or do you use midi and trigger them from battery/kontakt etc etc?


bit of both

Trigger with midi using something like impulse or batter its quicker for me to get something going and lay down a groove.

sometimes i’ll just drop the kick into its own audio track and drop the volume to -12db, the reason behind this is its quicker for me to do reverse on the kick drum easier to use it as a sidechain signal and with most kicks being mastered to peak at 0db by dropping it to -12db and working the mix around it i still end up with -3 to -6 db of head room at the end of my project.

kontakt and exs24 i’ll use when i want access to sampled instruments.

nice answer, thank you.

anyone else?

I heard that using a sampler is easy to create beats . I personally tried and i didnt like it since i am used to place the Drums Samples straight to the Sequencer. it easy for me to see the soundwave and modify the Articulations . i generally have already templates wich makes it easy to Program it . but that is only the beat of the Track .

at the end , both techniques are the same but you need to choose the technical way of creating beats that makes you feel more comfortable .

Didnt I add a post in here? Did it get deleted?

Depends what I plan to do with it.

I may use either/ or / both.

I have quite a few patches that I often use with Kontakt