Audio Problems with Cubase 6

Hey guys.

I was working on a project at a friends house today, so i saved it to a usb drive to bring back home.

I tried opening the file once i was back (which ive done many times before) but this time none of the audio will play back. All of the midi and audio data is still there, but the tracks themselves will not play any audio. All of my synths (Halion, Prologue) seem to not recognize their presets either. I’ve double checked that all the files were transferred, and that all of my busses are still the same, yet still nothing.

Does anyone know whats going on here? Help plz! :doze:

Have you checked your device setup and VST connections? It might sound like your VST bridge has shut down during the save or something, but it still doesn’t explain why you have no audio.

But try device setup and VST connections first and see what you find.

yeahh be sure to check the Audio Configuration. Cubase 6 have some weird routing menus. i am still getting the hang of it