Audio to midi in ableton live 8 or logic pro 9

I have been watching videos describing how to convert audio clips to midi clips within some of the tutorials here but for the life of me I am unable to replicate this in the two DAWs
I get the same results each time I attempt it which is just an increasing chord scale or single note scale depending on what I am converting. Of course the other result is that when I attempt to use another au or vsti I am unable to change to it but that may well be just because I have something set wrong in the first
Could someone help out with this please?br

Only Live 9 (not out till April/may) enables you to extract the melody information of an Audio file to a midi clip… Live 8 just enables you to slice it up it to individual pieces.

Hey Phil - did you hear Live 9 isn’t till April/May for definite?

No I always Just Assume Q1 means start of Q2… maybe it will come out earlier.

Righto - got excited then for a moment as it would mean longer with the beta! :smiley:

Thanks Phil, can’t wait for live 9 and push to come out. I reckon there will be a long queue for that one.

Been beta testing live 9, love the audio to midi!