Authorization faild

Kick 2 License Problem!!
What is Problem?

Hi there,

Seems this is a new account :

  • Have you already confirmed your email address and setup your account with a Username + Password ?

You would have received a confirmation email from with a link for you to open and confirm your account.
Please make sure to check your Spam/Promotion folder for unwanted emails.
You can request a new confirmation email entering your account email address on this page below :

Once your account is confirmed and correctly setup, you should be able to activate KICK 2 entering your exact account Username + Password, there’s also an offline activation method available.

You can refer to this help guide as well :

How do I install KICK 2?

In case you keep running into issues after checking the above please reach support and let them know the followings :

  • Operating System name + version
  • KICK 2 you’ve downloaded from your account
  • DAW name + version
  • What error message are you receiving

thx hat funktioniert :*

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Great, happy to read that this now all sorted on your end ! :wink:

In case you haven’t watched those videos yet, it might be a good place to start learning more about KICK 2 :

Kick 2 Features walkthrough
Assimilating Kicks in Kick 2 with Phil Johnston
Tech Tips Volume 26 KICK 2 Special
Tech Tips Volume 68 with Protoculture ( videos tutorials 679,680 and 681 )

Hope this helps !

Cheers and wishing you a great weekend ! :sunglasses:

Kick 2 funktioniert nicht mehr,ich kann meine Account Daten nicht eingeben?!
Kann mich nicht anmelden.
Wenn ich meine Daten eintragen möchte,dann geht es nicht ist schwarz hinterlegt und kann nicht reinschreiben.

Edit From Moderator → English translation :

Kick 2 doesn’t work anymore, I can’t enter my account data?!
Can not log in.
If I want to enter my data, then it doesn’t work, it has a black background and I can’t write in.

Hi there,

Please check my reply to the other post you’ve created here : Kick 2 registration does not work