AutoMap for ANA

ANA is quickly becoming my favorite VST.

That’s really saying something considering I have dozens of VST’s including Omnisphere, Nexus, Vanguard, Gladiator, Alchemy, Kontact and Massive to name a few.

What would really be helpful is if AutoMap were available.

AutoMap of course is the ability to easily control VST parameters via a Novation MK2 series midi-controller.

So… what do you say Phil?

Here you go.

This is a custom mapping i made… it works pretty well

Does that custom mapping work for skai mpk25 thanks

No way!

How did you do this THE SAME DAY.

Can’t wait to try it out.



I already had it done. I have remote sl mk2.

Don’t Think it will work for the akai… You will need to set up your own as I don’t have one.

Hey mate. Newbie
Just downloaded your ANA automation file but how do I configure it?br
Tried to load in the Automap app but no success - Do I need to rename its extension?br
Thanks in advance!br

It’s quite an old maybe for an earlier version of ANA I’ll haveva look tomorrow see if I have an updated one.

I was wondering if it was possible to download the automap file for ANA…

Sorry I don’t think I still have this.