Automap/SL MKii issues

Morning/evening guys…

I have just sold my X-Station and got myself a Novation Remote SL MKii (which i got shipped from in the states and saved myself about $400, check them out). I’n running Automap Pro 3.7 and Ableton 8.1.1. The problem i face is that 80% of the time i turn the SL on, it doesn’t recognise Ableton and shows the below message…

“Automap is offline, make sure you have Automap loaded on your computer”

The only way i can get it to pick up Ableton is by closing everything down and restarting my PC until it recognises it. As you would imagine this is a ball ache.

Does anyone know of a fix?

I’ve also noticed that the red LED’s on the pots don’t work when using Automap template?

Cheers for any help!


I’ve got a nocturn & use automap in HUI mode to control the mixer in Logic.

Its a little buggy to say the least. Sometimes it’ll lose “connection” with Logic & I’ll have to go in and reset midi drivers. But not too annoying.

They have Vids on the Novation W/site on how to set that up… not sure whats entailed for Live - but maybe you could have a look.

For Plugins… you need to get automap to do a scan & when you open up Live the next time, you’ll see both “normal” and Automap versions of each plugin listed. Presets wont be shared between both. If you want to import/export your own patches between, copy/paste from the Automap plugin folders location to your “normal” plugin patches location.

Thats what I know about it anyway. The Guys in Tech Support are bang on - so if you have any problems, let them know. 

I don’t know if it is the answer to your problem, but I know that the newer version of Ableton has better Automap integration so it is worth getting the update. I have Ableton and the Nocturn.

cheers lads

there should be a template in your sl for Ableton - it doesnt work with automap as as such

tbh you would be as well just assigning parameters in ableton to your the controls on your sl (control + M , click on the parameter and twiddle the button on the sl) - thats what i do with mine - its much easier than using the template and you get to decide which knob controls which parameter on screen.

and use the automap versions of plugins - with the autompap HUI activated

for some reason when i twiddle in ableton it doesnt work on mine :frowning:

wish i had never bothered installing the automap business, just use the apc as a lazy man work around

thats strange - have you got it setup correctly in the preferences

midi input etc?

or exit out of automap altogether?

mine works fine - heres a pic my pref settings

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