does anyone actually use automap with their novation stuff? i find it really *** annoying

Not for synths.

Just for controlling the mixer in Logic

& now Traktor.

Thought it was a pile of wank for synths.


It wont let me map anything in ableton! Granted I haven’t investigated it in loads of detail but with my old midi keyboard it was instant.

you dont use automap with ableton you have to switch it off

what controller have you?

there probably an ableton template, my 25sl just works automatically but with automap switched off

No - I use a nocturn with Ableton. But I always use it to control a group. If I want to control the settings on a synth live, I map the controls to the group and then use the nocturn (if that make sense).

Automap pro is good coz you can assign key commands to controllers. So you can have save, undo, redo, ect. as buttons. Pretty good feature

Got the same as you, perhaps an older version

since the apc i dont really need it as much

It picks some things up but it wont let me assign anything, I would rather be able to assign what I want as I’m using it, not fussed about tempaltes for my virus / kontakt / absynth

Yeah I use with Ableton … Automap Pro… took a while to get me head round the layout but all cool.

With Automap for Ableton, you are in what they call “advanced mode” this is a Ableton template so you are not in Automap mode, you are in "advanced mode)… some say the controller assignments (template) in Advanced mode could be better i.e. they have mapped out the arm record & mute but no solo…(but they also have left some controls on this template for midi mapping also (Ableton’s midi mapping).

Yes a bit confusing to say the least, means basically that you benefit being in Advanced mode & also you can make more mappings too if you want to but not with the controls Advanced mode has captured obviously… hm? apologies if this sounds all over the place lol

To recap, in Advanced mode you have a pre-configured template but also you have the ability to midi map (to use Ableton’s midi mapping in this advanced mode) some of the controls that have been not included i.e. the solo functions…

I use the ZeroMK2 for mixing, the nocturn for plugs, the 25mk2 for synths & triggering etc & last but not least the launchpad for launching etc…

In a pre production scenario (when you have some time producing) this setup is fine, would I be as stupid to perform live with so many controllers no… performing in a live capacity I would use only one.

conclude: not the best user-friendly software available but a lot easier when yu figure out what is actually what & so on.

One last thing… on the plus side … when in Advanced mode all you need to do to talk to an instrument or an effect devise is simply select it from the hardware.

Here you have the option to select USER FX INST MIxer… forget the mixer option because you have advanced mode… when you finish tweaking a synth or an effect devise you simply press Automap on the hardware to disengage Automap & return to advanced mode…

After some time with the software you’ll be a automap -advanced mode wizard -)

do I sound like Rob jones? :w00t: lol

I use it all the time in ableton. I think its pretty nifty you need to be aware what the blue hand is on tho, ive had a couple of mis haps where i have changed a parameter on the wrong device.

Its cool for the synths too, i dont use the auto map pre defined one, i clear it and map my own templates, save it and your good to go next time. My only frustration with it is sometimes it hangs when you want to move a parameter other than that its sweet

[quote]ICN (17/05/2011)[hr]Not for synths.

Just for controlling the mixer in Logic

& now Traktor.

Thought it was a pile of wank for synths.[/quote]

Automap traktor? Didn’t think of that one

Yeah… I use the controller with Traktor - but Automap doesnt work with it.

You have to assign it to send midi & then you can map it that way.

I’ll get the details next time I turn it on & tell ya…

[quote]Mussi81 (17/05/2011)[hr][quote]ICN (17/05/2011)[hr]Not for synths.

Just for controlling the mixer in Logic

& now Traktor.

Thought it was a pile of wank for synths.[/quote]

Automap traktor? Didn’t think of that one[/quote]

how can i get it to forget everything and just work in the most simple mode in ableton?

i should really read the manual but when i get round to it i just want to make things

This is what I’m doing to get it up & running as a “MIDI DEVICE” for Traktor. 

It looks a bit of a head scratcher - but its actually simple enough.

I’d say its the same principal for making it a simple midi device with live?

Just shut down automap & restart it? Then do the above (but forget about the Traktor bit :wink: )

Might get one of those little babies this weekend - then maybe I may wait and get an APC

They are handy as fck Slender!

the apc 40 is the ****. i use it everyday.