Automation and arrangement layout

I am pretty new to making music in ableton and i know there is no set layout for making a tune or how to use automation, but it would be good to know some tricks as to how to automate a track to and how to get some variety and not make it sound to repetitive.

don’t get me wrong, the how to sound like tutorials are great, but once you have the sounds, its what you do with them that really makes the difference…so many times i hear something and think, how did they do that…

i am sure it is not just me who struggles with this side of things! bring on some tutorials please!

just to get you started, if you have ableton, I would suggest putting an effects rack in your track and using macros and set a bunch of paramaters to one knob and see what you come up with. That is one of the things that the pros do that might help you with your sound and achieving better results.