Automation grayed out in ableton

Hey guys,

This might be a stupid question but i cant seem to figure it out, so that’s why i’m turning to this forum once more;). When i put automation on my tracks, filters, eq’s and stuf they work great. but when i touch the buttons and change the value of something that is automated, the automation on that specific option gets grayed out. When that happens i cant seem to get the automation back on it again except for deleting the current automation en starting from scratch. Where is the option to turn the automation back on?

Thanks in advance.

Click the red back to arrange button at the top of the arange window.

I knew it was something simple. THNX! one more question and then i’m done for today:P

I’m making a sort of podcast and i only want to use 2 audio tracks to mix between songs. but when i load in a second(different) track on the first audio track it wont play. first song plays just fine. when i put it on a third audio track it will work. but i have seen people do it on 2 tracks. so whats up with that? :wink:

please let me know.

im not sure what you mean?

i made a huge fail on my part. had automation on the volume, that’s why the song wouldn’t make any sound. again to quick with the question;)

thnx though!