Automation using ANA and ableton


This might be a stupid question but is it possible to automate the filter cutoff and other stuff in ANA using ableton? Normally when i click and change some settings with other synths like the build in operator i get a but load of automation stuff.

If not, is it gonna be in there or? is there another way to automate certain stuff or do i have to use an external filter to do so?

Let me know;)


Edit: i was to quick with my post. Click configure and you can add automation to anything you like:) for the people who didn’t know.


i need help on this! i click on configure on the device and then click on a cutoff filter in the ana plug in but it wont show on ableton all it shows is device on.

Help, help, help:-)

try clicking on the bar at top of the plugin window to bring plugin to front.

alternatively check you are turning the cut off on the right plugin window.